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Heat Exchanger Applications

United Heat Exchangers is committed to its customer satisfaction through supply of quality products with continual development and improvement its product product processing system. It assures the quality of its each and every product. We outfitted with proficient engineers and employees and updated technology. Production stage is well planed and screened with our production planning department. Our products undergo various quality checks before leaving the company premises like metallurgy, X-Ray Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Penetration testing. Also Third Party inspection agency like DGQA, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, IBR, RITES and Engineers India are also arranged for Quality assurance based on the customer needs. We are confident about our products and its quality for the customers utmost satisfaction. United Heat Exchangers are carefully designed, analyzed and tested with latest software from Thermal design, mechanical, selection of raw materials, witnessing of pressure testing as per specifications and the quality is tested with its own quality control departments.

Types of heat exchangers

  01.  Shell and tube heat exchanger
  02.  Plate heat exchanger
  03.  Plate and shell heat exchanger
  04.  Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger
  05.  Plate fin heat exchanger
  06.  Pillow plate heat exchanger
  07.  Fluid heat exchangers
  08.  Waste heat recovery units
  09.  Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger
  10.  Phase-change heat exchangers
  11.  HVAC air coils
  12.  Spiral heat exchangers